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QATAR has set economic diversification the top priority

Dr. Theodore Theodoropoulos, QENERGY CEO

Dr. Theodore Theodoropoulos, QENERGY CEO

Qatar, which has set economic diversification the top priority, has witnessed a varying pattern in the infrastructure sector’s growth as well as its contribution to overall economy during 2006-11 according to Dr. Theodore.

The infrastructure sector contributed 25.1% (or QR39.38bn) to gross domestic product (GDP) of QR156.66bn at 2004 prices in 2006, which then rose to 27.4% (QR50.69bn of QR184.84bn) in 2007 but only to fall to 26.8% (58.37bn of QR217.49bn) in 2008 (report by Qatar Statistics Authority). In 2009, the contribution rose to 29.2% (QR71.03bn of QR243.49bn), which then fell to 27% (QR76.82bn of… Continue reading

Qatar Expo showcases the best in sustainability technology

Eco-friendly initiatives from solar power energy to cars that use alternative fuels were revealed last night at the opening of the Qatar Sustainability Expo.

President of COP18/CMP8 opens Qatar Sustainability Expo, with its green exhibits

President of COP18/CMP8 opens Qatar Sustainability Expo. Minister of Energy and Industry H E Dr Mohammed bin Saleh Al Sada, and Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, with other dignitaries at the Doha Exhibition Center

COP18/CMP8 participants and officials were invited to a reception to mark the event, which was officially opened by the cutting of a green ribbon by President of COP18/CMP8 Abdullah Bin Hamad Al-Attiyah and… Continue reading

Pilot project to grow vegetables in desert

As delegates, observers and members of the press convene in Doha for the annual United Nations Climate Change Conference 2012 – COP18/CMP8, visitors will have the chance to tour a cutting-edge pilot project that will grow vegetables in the desert while producing clean water and green electricity.

The Sahara Forest Project will reveal its multi-faceted Qatar plant that will grow cucumbers while producing other useful resources using a synergy of green technologies, according to the COP18 official website. The plant will have three basic components that are integrated and feeding one another to create a truly sustainable and possibly… Continue reading

Qatar is against killing hostages

The Qatari Prime Minister responds to request from Iran to secure release of captives

HE the Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jabor al-Thani has reiterated Qatar’s stance that rejects killing of hostages, expressing hope that the matter of the kidnapped Iranians is solved through dialogue rather than killing hostages. The Iranians were seized two months ago near Damascus. Speaking to Al Jazeera, the Prime Minister said Qatar was concerned at the situation in Syria.

“What is taking place in Syria is something that must be handled, and the ongoing bloodshed must be brought to… Continue reading

Qtel Group in push to address key social issues

Qtel Group is continuing to “push the envelope” by deploying mobile broadband technology to address key social issues, forging a number of major new partnerships and collaborations in the US in recent weeks.

Chairman Sheikh Abdullah bin Mohamed bin Saud al-Thani emphasised Group’s drive to encourage creativity and connections between entrepreneurs and original thinkers, as part of his role as a Commissioner to the UN Broadband Commission for Digital Development, which met in New York last week.

According to the UN Broadband Commission report, “State of Broadband 2012”, mobile broadband use could help address the so-called “digital divide” of access… Continue reading